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2022-07-19 15:38:51

Since June 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology has issued 5g business licenses to Chinatelecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China and China Radio and television. The issuance of 5g business license marks the real arrival of the 5g era in China. What impact will 5g have on the LED display industry?


5g will open a new era of LED display interconnection

Since the development of LED display industry, many LED displays have been fixed in China. According to relevant statistics, in 2018, the domestic LED display fixed market size was about 29.1 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate of LED display fixed market was 8.72%. In 2019, the fixed LED display will continue to grow steadily. LED display screen industry has such a large fixed market, which also means that a large number of LED display screens are distributed all over the country. However, in addition to the basic information display function, many LED outdoor fixed displays are still idle. With the advent of 5g era, it is more likely to make full use of the idle resources of LED display.

Compared with 4G, 5g transmission speed is faster. The number of 5g network connections will reach onemillion per square kilometer, which can support 100billion level intelligent node access; The data delay will be reduced to 1 millisecond. 5g not only has higher Internet access speed, but also enhances mobile bandwidth. It has the characteristics of "one high, two low and three major". One high is high reliability. The two low points are low latency and low power consumption. The three are large convergence, large cover up and large capacity. 5g has opened the Internet era. With the advent of the Internet era, LED displays show greater charm in order to connect the fixed displays scattered in every corner because of interconnection. After the LED display terminal is connected, the island connection between the display and the display completes the interconnection and linkage control, which also brings more opportunities for the development of the LED display industry.

Before the emergence of 5g, LED display enterprises had a preliminary exploration in the aspects of interconnection, simulcast, joint control, etc.

In recent years, the traditional paper newspaper media has also carried out transformation exploration under the impact of the changes in the Internet, microblogging and other emerging media. Nanfang newspaper stripped the LED display screen from the Internet and built the LED simulcast network of Nanfang newspaper. A LED display company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the people's daily to link led display with digital media and create a new form of emerging display media.

In 5g era, LED display will have a deeper exploration in intelligent display.

For LED display screen, the display screen is just a display carrier. If the LED display needs to complete a more intelligent display, it not only needs to improve its own hard conditions, but also needs to stop the integration with surrounding technologies from time to time. In recent years, with the continuous development of LED display technology, mini led, cob and other technologies have appeared from time to time, and LED display has also been improved in terms of image quality and clarity, making hardware preparations for the intelligent display of LED display. LED display needs to integrate AI, VR, AR and other emerging technologies to achieve more intelligent display. The rich application of these technologies needs a certain network as support. The arrival of 5g undoubtedly accelerates the integration of these emerging technologies with LED displays. In May this year, the country's first remote lung surgery using 5g network was completed in Jiangsu. Due to the continuous development and maturity of 5g technology and the unique advantages of LED display, the trend of LED display and 5g integration will be strengthened from time to time. In the future, more and more intelligent applications such as telemedicine,
teleconference and distance education will be completed through LED displays.

5g will help the LED display industry continuously upgrade

China's LED display screen industry is exported to the world. There is a saying "the world's LED display screen looks at China", but there are few world-renowned brands. China's LED display industry is generally large but not strong, and it can't make its own voice in the world's LED display category.

In terms of world communication technology, China has lagged behind 3G to 4G, on an equal footing with the prosperous western countries, and then led the world with 5g. With the arrival of 5g era in China, the integration of 5g and LED display industry will help the continuous upgrading of LED display industry. Chinese LED display enterprises will also use the strength of 5g to export a large number of high-quality display products to the world and strive to build a world-class international brand.

led display

5g opens a new era of LED display enterprise interconnection?

In the future, the integration of LED display and surrounding industries will extend the "LED display intelligent" products, and LED display products will also put forward different treatment schemes according to different scenarios. The proposal of different processing schemes will empower the LED display industry and promote the optimization and upgrading of the LED display industry from time to time.

What should LED display do in 5g era?

With the advent of 5g era, more and more industries will integrate 5g technology. The wide application of 5g will require a large number of display terminals, and LED display will occupy a large number of markets in the future display market with its own advantages. LED display enterprises also need to plan the overall stop loss strategy of 5g market according to their own enterprise characteristics.

The arrival of 5g technology puts forward higher requirements for the performance of LED display, which will also promote LED display enterprises to cultivate internal skills, improve their own performance, and better integrate with 5g.

With the advent of 5g era, LED display enterprises also need to integrate the 5g system processing scheme of the display in the application of 5g technology, so as to transform the LED display from product to system integration.

As for LED display, 5g should face challenges and opportunities. LED display enterprises should take advantage of 5g wave to create more brilliant achievements and promote the continuous development of their own enterprises and the whole industry.