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2022-07-15 16:05:51

LED display transparent screen is gradually popular, and the market share and customer cognition rate are constantly rising, but there are still many customers who don't know very well, are still in a wait-and-see state or don't know how to implant the transparent display screen into their own scene design.

The advantages, application environment and places of LED transparent screen are introduced respectively below.

1. The LED transparent screen adopts hollow strip design. Compared with the traditional LED display box, its structure is more flexible. The box size can be customized according to the specific size of the glass, so as to better fit with the glass curtain wall and reduce the load-bearing pressure.
2. The LED transparent screen has flexible structure, light weight and fast installation. When a LED light strip is damaged, only a single light strip can be replaced without replacing the whole module. The maintenance is completed indoors, with high efficiency and low cost.
3. Only a simple steel frame structure is needed, which saves a lot of costs: light weight, convenient installation, no complex supporting steel structure, and saves a lot of installation costs.
4. Convenient and fast maintenance: indoor maintenance is fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources.
5. Save building lighting costs: if led glass curtain wall lampshade (transparent screen) is installed, a large part of lighting fixtures can be stored on the outer wall. At the same time, LED display is more attractive, which can not only save costs, but also have advertising benefits.
6. Energy saving and environmental protection: its power consumption is small, and the average power consumption is less than 280w/ ㎡, so it does not need the traditional refrigeration and air conditioning system to dissipate heat.
7. Simple operation and strong controllability: computers, graphics cards and remote transceivers can be connected through network cables, and wireless control can be carried out through remote clusters. The display content can be changed at any time.

LED transparent display

Led transparent display in application environment

1. Building curtain wall: LED transparent display screen is usually attached to the glass keel for installation, which can be combined with the glass curtain wall to achieve good advertising effect.
2. Space design: LED transparent screen can customize different shapes to meet different space needs and achieve the effect of space beautification.
3. Exhibition: transparent LED screens are used in various exhibitions, such as auto shows, press conferences, etc., to promote products in an all-round way.
4. Window display: transparent advertising machine hanging on the window can play a good role in business publicity.

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