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2022-06-28 14:31:39

Protection and maintenance measures shall be taken for outdoor LED display installation to prevent outdoor environment from affecting the normal use of LED display. So, what protective measures should be taken for outdoor LED display?
Protective measures for outdoor LED display screen:

Lightning protection measures for installation buildings and panels

In order to prevent the display screen from strong electromagnetic attack caused by lightning, the screen body and the outer packaging protective layer of the display screen must be grounded, and the resistance of the grounded line should be less than 3 Ω, so that the current caused by lightning can be discharged from the ground wire in time.

Waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof measures for the whole screen

Seamless connection shall be made at the connection between the box body and the box body, as well as at the connection between the screen body and the stressed installation object to avoid water leakage and moisture. Good drainage and ventilation measures shall be provided inside the screen body. If there is ponding inside, it can be treated in time.

outdoor LED display

 Selection of circuit chips

In the northeast of China, the temperature in winter can generally reach about 10 degrees below zero. Therefore, when selecting circuit chips, it is necessary to select industrial chips with a working temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, which means 80 degrees Celsius, to avoid the situation that the display screen cannot start due to low temperature.

Ventilation measures shall be taken inside the screen

Certain heat will be generated when the screen is powered on for operation. If these heat cannot be discharged, the internal ambient temperature will be too high when the heat is accumulated to a certain extent, which will affect the operation of the integrated circuit. In serious cases, it can lead to burning. So far, the display cannot operate. Therefore, the ventilation and heat dissipation measures inside the screen must be taken, and the temperature of the internal environment should be kept
between minus 10 ℃ and 40 ℃.  

Selection of highlight wick

The selection of LED tubes with high luminous brightness can not only make us still have good display effect in the case of direct sunlight, but also enhance the contrast with the surrounding environment, so that the audience of the picture is wider. In places with a long distance and a wide angle of view, there is still a good performance.

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