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2022-05-30 16:30:44

With the development of science and technology, more and more new scientific and technological products appear in our daily life. For example, intelligent machines, computers, balance cars, etc. that everyone knows; However, there are also some high-tech products that we know but do not know, such as maglev train, manipulator, etc. today, we will introduce one of them - LED display screen.
As we all know, no matter in public places such as shopping malls, hospital clinics, bus stations or airports, LED display is always the most noticeable item in such places. Its emergence makes this simple place more and more exciting. It can help you guide and help you. It can make you present some exciting interfaces and make you familiar with some new things. It can not only bring convenience to your daily life, but also make your daily life more and more wonderful.

LED display
So what is led display?
LED display is a flat panel display, which is composed of small LED module control panels. LED, LightEmittingDiode. It is a diode composed of gallium (GA) and arsenic (as), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (n) and indium (in) chemicals according to the display mode of controlling semiconductor material luminous diode. When electronic devices are combined with holes, visible light can be emitted from the radiation source, so it can be used to make luminous diode. It is used as a display lamp in power circuit and instrument equipment, or constitutes a text or data indication. Gallium phosphide diode emits red light, gallium phosphide diode emits red light, carbon carbon composite diode turns yellow light, and indium gallium nitride diode emits high-definition blue light.

Unit boardUnit boardSourceSourceControl cardControl card
How did the LED display become?
A standard LED display finished product is divided into four parts: 1 A part of frame (special aluminum alloy profile, edge, light steel keel partition, rear partition), 2 Indicate a part (module board, accessories include: power plug of wire row), 3 Operation part (LED software, transfer line, line row), 4 Part of power distribution (switching power supply).
Process steps:
1. confirm the dimension of the unit board, which shall be very accurate to mm.
2. calculate the net dimensions of the height and width of the unit board in the display screen.
3. subtract 4mm from the calculated net size (5mm shall be deducted if the display exceeds 3M)
4. the edges and corners and the cut profile shall be signed with self tapping, and the sundries shall be thoroughly sorted out and placed face to face.
5. place the unit board in the direction, and the place with the pin must face the height of the profile.
6. install the magnet support column onto the unit board and send the magnetic disc into the groove of the support column.
7. measure the required length of the light steel keel, cut it, and put it on the magnet.
8. connect the keel with self tapping and frame.
9. connect the unit boards with the flat wires to form a bridge type. The flat wires shall not be twisted.
10. fix the power supply to the appropriate position inside the profile.
11. connect the power cord.
12. place the control card on the input end of the unit board.
13. the pins of the control card are in order. Such as jk1 JK2 Or jp1 JP2 The position of should be connected to the input end of the unit board and press the uppermost unit board of the arrow.
14. connection between the unit board and the choke block: there is a small white color letter a around the pin of the common control card, and there are such characters at the input end of the unit board. It is accurate as long as the two a are connected in parallel with a flat line.
15. after the above work is completed, thoroughly clean up the sundries in the screen.
16. power on test, provided that the value line is well prepared.
17. the staggered line and the two lines that do not want to intersect are the same sentence. The use of parallel is still staggered.
18. after the above work is done, the rest is adjustment. The premise is that the power on capacity of the display must be adjusted.
19. after adjustment and test for 2-5 days, if there is no problem, the rear cover can be cut off and sealed.

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