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2022-05-30 16:00:06

The field of LED display screen is in a rapid development stage. Through decades of development, great changes have taken place in the appearance, embryonic stage, development, expansion and perfection of the product, no matter the product shape, the presentation technology, optical technology, manipulation method, or the main purpose, application market category and business operation mode behind the product. The industrialization and standardization of LED display screen also promote the vigorous development of LED display screen and promote the change of green ecology in China's LED display screen field.

LED display
In general, the development of LED display has gone through the following three links:
The development stage of LED display screen before 1990. On the one hand, due to the limitation of LED raw materials and components, the main purpose of LED display screen is not generally carried out. On the other hand, most of the display screen manipulation technologies are communication manipulation methods, which objectively interferes with the actual display effect. During this period, LED display screens were widely used overseas, but very few in China. The products were dominated by red and green primary colors, and the control method was communication control. The gray level was 4-level gray adjustment, and the cost of the products was very high.
From 1990 to 1995, LED display screen developed rapidly. In the 1990s, the world's information technology industry has improved rapidly, information content technology has continued to improve in all walks of life, and LED displays have also continued to produce new results in terms of LED raw materials and manipulation technology. The development of dark blue LED chip, and the full colorful LED display screen into the market; With the technological development of computer and microelectronic technology industry, short video manipulation technology has been produced in the display screen manipulation technology industry. The display screen gray level has completed 16 gray levels and 64 gray levels, and the actual display effect of the display screen interface has been further improved. At this stage, the LED display screen has developed rapidly in China, from several companies in the early stage with annual sales of tens of millions of yuan to dozens of companies with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan.  
From 1995 to now, the development of LED display screen has entered a stage of overall stable improvement of industrial chain layout and sound adjustment. At the same time, the market competition in the internal structure of the LED display industry chain has intensified, resulting in many small and medium-sized enterprises. The product prices have dropped significantly, and the main uses have become wider. A series of new problems have occurred in the product quality, standardization and other fields. Relevant departments have paid attention to the development of LED display and carried out appropriate standards and correct guidance. After two years of development, China's LED display industry chain has basically produced a number of leading enterprises with a certain range. In the Chinese market, the market share of the domestic LED display screen is nearly 100%, and there is basically no market for similar foreign products. Tianjin Sports Center, Beijing Kowloon Railway, Beijing West Railway Station, capital airport, Pudong Airport, etc., the venue of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships, are all tendered by Chinese companies. The technical level is relatively leading.
From the development history of LED display screen industry chain, it can be seen that the development of an industry chain must be based on time and a good institutional natural environment. Similarly, the planned development of xiong'an new area can not be completed overnight.
Therefore, to become the second Shenzhen or the second Pudong New Area, xiong'an new area depends on the pull and development trend of the real economy. "Investment in real estate fever" can neither be long-term nor condoned. According to the policies of the government departments at this stage, we have firmly set our ideals and beliefs towards the real economy.

LED display
At this stage, although the economy has entered a new period, the growth rate of the economic development trend has slowed down, but new economic breakthroughs may emerge one after another. The local government should really focus on how to develop the regional real economy. Therefore, only when the real economy such as LED screen enterprises obtains the trend of physical and mental health development, will it have a proactive and key effect on the rational and effective use of social resources. Moreover, in the whole process of rapid development, LED screen enterprises can comply with the production standards in the field, strongly support the national call, and based on enterprise technological innovation and talent training, high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises will transform and upgrade to large and medium-sized enterprises, replacing the real low-end small and medium-sized enterprises. China's real economy may show a more beautiful development appearance to the world.
As we all know, the key production place of LED display screen in the world is China, and the key of China's whole industry chain is Shenzhen. According to incomplete statistical analysis, Shenzhen has nearly a hundred manufacturers of LED display screens and supporting facilities for the development of all industries, accounting for 80% of the market share in the field. The advantages of excellent geographical environment, detailed whole industry chain, wide sales market, rich and colorful human resource management, simplified administrative approval procedures, flexible and correct policy guidance, and active financial market... A series of unparalleled advantages have made Shenzhen an egg of LED display screen. As a key component of the real economy, the field of LED display has matured under the economic shape of fierce competition.
The LED industry chain in Guangdong Province ranks first in China in terms of business scale. Among them, the policy assistance and correct guidance have played a very important role in the progress of the LED industry chain. The Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province once organized doctors to conduct six large-scale surveys in the whole city, making full use of the basic principles of the natural geography and green ecological information management system of the industrial chain and the technical roadmap for the development of LED industry in Guangdong Province, comprehensively analyzed the current situation and existing problems of the industrial development, and established a technical breakthrough idea and action plan of "focusing on both sides with the middle in mind", The report on breaking through core technologies to enhance the competitiveness of LED industry in our province was produced, which gave key guidance to promote the development of LED industry in our province.
In 2009, Shenzhen announced the LED industry development plan (2009-2015). A number of LED display screens with high starting point, good effect, environmental protection, energy conservation and significant economic benefits will be implemented. Government departments will use high-quality projects to attract the world's LED industry chain to Shenzhen, create a high-end LED industry chain, and complete the R & D and production industrial base of LED industry chain products throughout the country and even the world.

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