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2022-05-30 15:53:44

Cybergame is the theme activity of "competition" in online game competitions. According to the fitness exercise, the participants' logical thinking ability, reaction ability, mind, eye, limbs coordination and self-control ability can be trained and improved, and the team consciousness can be shaped. Now it happens to be the LPL professional competition. I think you all have different professional teams. In addition to the live broadcast rooms that gamers see on various service platforms, there are also led large screen live broadcast rooms on the spot for every crucial game. The construction sites of many college leagues are also very popular. Under the war situation in the live broadcast room of the LED display screen, the fans' hearts continue to fluctuate with the progress of the game.

LED display screen
The e-sports industry has been moving forward with prejudice. As early as 2003, E-sports became the 99th sports event to be announced in China, but the objection to it has not stopped for 14 years. In South Korea, the e-sports industry was once the third largest support of GDP. In China, this field has just begun to develop. In recent years, with the popular sales market of lol and other competitive games in China, various events have gradually come into our view. The focus of each round of games is not on-the-spot explanations, nor competition staff, but the most noticeable people in the whole game - LED display.
Various industries themselves are not independent, and the relationship between industries is inseparable, just like a big website that complements each other. The development trend of the competitive industry in the electronic device market also indirectly promotes the requirements of LED display screen, and then produces the development trend. The development of e-sports industry is eagerly awaited. At the same time, it can become one of the sources of reference. The development trend of LED industry needs our own diligence.

LED display screen
Recently, there has been a situation in the LED display industry, that is, the sense of rhythm of "great change" has accelerated. In recent years, all Chinese manufacturing industries have been harmed by the increase of human capital costs and raw material prices. The commodity prices of LED displays have slowly increased, the industry development has slowly returned to objectivity, and the sense of rhythm of great change has once again enveloped the LED display field. Professionals show that the battle between new products, technologies, brands and sales will eventually become popular in the industry market. As for the field, the sales market is more finely divided, the industry is more technical and professional, and the mode is undergoing in-depth changes. Therefore, the company must strengthen innovative technology, complete technological upgrading, and develop new sales markets. The LED display screen industry has become an industry that can be paralleled with the world in manufacturing in China, but it can not prevent it from falling into the embarrassing situation of "manufacturing power" and "brand poor country". It is necessary to unite the network resources of all parties to promote the branding process of China's LED display screen.

LED display screen
This means that the future development of LED display industry is facing the problem of direction, and the pressure of market competition in the field is also increasing. Shenzhen xincaichen Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry integrating scientific research, development and design, manufacturing and engineering projects, mainly engaged in LED display, wonderful LED display and LED application tools. In the direction of industrial development trend, we will also make quality and independent innovation at the same time, strengthen ourselves and focus on the LED display field.