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2022-05-27 10:09:07

When we watch advertisements on the LED display screen, we occasionally find that the display screen flashes. How to deal with such a problem? Let's take a look at the complete processing plan
1. In general, assuming full screen points and picture addresses, the key factor is the fault driving the launch process. At this time, all we need to do is to re inspect and promote the delivery process. If so, why don't you choose to uninstall and reinstall.
2. In addition, there is also the probability of card opening failure, and the card must be replaced.
3. Generally speaking, it is assumed that the irregular flicker is mostly caused by the operating frequency of the system software. In this case, it can be handled only by changing the system or adjusting and setting the main parameters.

Common faults of LED display
4. Suppose the star flashes? Such a problem on the display may be a problem with the graphics card driver. However, another situation is the problem of setting the card opening screen resolution. In addition, this may also be due to switching power supply problems. When designing PCB, we must consider the cable diameter of switching power supply and data signal wiring and the production process of PCB.
5. Assuming that the text flashes, there is no doubt that there is something wrong with the graphics card settings. In this case, we can remove the dark shadow hidden under the menu bar and the smooth boundary connection in the display characteristics of LED display screen, and deal with the problem.
LED display screen is composed of display unit boards one by one, and data signals are transmitted according to flat cables. The troubleshooting and diagnosis steps of LED display screen are as follows.
First of all, it is clear that the LED display is a synchronous display or a multi-threaded display. The display of the synchronous display depends on the setting of the display, and the multi-threaded display does not depend on the setting of the display.

LED display failure
Secondly, make it clear whether the LED display is part of the display problem or the screen display has any problems. When part of the display is abnormal, the problems in the communication field can be cleared, and it is usually clear that the hardware configuration of LED display screen is faulty: when the display on the screen is abnormal, the most likely factors are:
● for the step-by-step display screen, it shall be determined whether the display installation is changed, whether the communication is normal, whether the push is normal, and then whether the acceptance is normal;
● for multi-threaded display screen, the main parameters of the display screen should be determined first, such as hardware configuration, detailed address, total width, relative height and whether P has been changed. If these main parameters are appropriate, then check whether the communication is normal, and finally determine whether the operation of LED display screen is normal.

Maintenance led display
Basic steps for repairing LED display
(1) Specify the type of hub board applied to the module or unit board, so that the interface definition of the connector can be the same, which is convenient for downward search.
(2) Push the corresponding program flow to the receiving card according to the modules or unit boards with different models and specifications to ensure that the modules and unit boards are displayed under the appropriate program flow, which is also the prerequisite for finding the cause of the fault. Generally, the model and specification of the module or unit board are printed on the PCB, which is convenient for searching.
(3) Observe the condition of the module or unit board, and identify the basic faults, such as commonly used serial points, small triangles, etc.
(4) The application of digital multimeter to find fault mainly uses the above short-circuit fault measurement method to carry out inspection between the processing chip and the pin of LED lamp.
(5) If the difficulty is not solved, the cause of the fault shall be analyzed again and the required inspection shall be done well.

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