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2022-05-27 10:07:16

How is the outdoor LED display connected to the computer? The third-party software indicates the region and the display software indicates the region together. Although it is simple, how can the computer connect the LED display controller? Let's talk about the following:
1. Move the specific content played by the third-party software to the playing area of the LED display screen, and the outdoor LED display screen can show the information played by the third-party software. Some are stored in the computer and played by software.
2. We also need to see the viewing distance between the computer controlling the outdoor LED display screen and the outdoor LED display screen. Generally, it is OK to use category 6 network cable within 80-100 meters, multimode within 500 meters and single-mode optical fiber above 500 meters.
3. If it's a wonderful outdoor LED display, doesn't the computer have a DVI or VGA connector? It's OK to connect it at that time.
4. If it is a transparent LED screen, the specific contents written by the computer in advance can be stored in the control multi-threaded playback box of the wonderful LED display screen, and then it can be done without the computer.
If the playback dialog box of the third-party software is not large, you can drag it to the left side of the LED display screen. If the third-party software plays full screen, then use two computers to operate.
How to connect the computer to remotely control the outdoor LED display screen?
Generally, the wonderful LED display screen is controlled by the computer at the same time, that is, the computer has a display screen control software, which can indicate the same pace with the display screen according to the network cable and metal, while the general application of solid color is multi-threaded, that is, it is fixed to indicate the specific content. If it is not changed often, it can not be connected to the computer, but the specific content needs to be removed or replaced, or the computer needs to be replaced. The computer is only a spare part and a control server!

outdoor LED display screen
The remote control includes that the main control end and the controlled end are in a local area network, and the indoor space is very close; And the main control end and the controlled end are within a relatively far space distance. If the customer specifies or the distance controlled by the customer exceeds the distance immediately controlled by the metal, then use remote control. Distance transmission from display screen to computer: metal or network cable is generally recommended. Due to good data signal transmission, it is not easy to lose frames. Multimode optical fiber can be above, multimode is 10km, and category 5 twisted pair is below.
When the distance between the display screen and the control computer is less than meters, it shall be transmitted by network cable; When the distance between the two is less than meters and more than meters, multi-mode fiber is used; when the distance is more than meters, single-mode fiber is used. Technical standard of control system software: whether there are regulations on remote control and local area network control. Usually, we are connected with the computer to control to play TV, DVD and other data signals. The computer basically stipulates AGP slot and PCI slot.
Generally, the control distance of LED outdoor screen is relatively far. If the GPRS / WiFi display screen is wonderful, it can also be used for wireless transmission. If the display screen is too large, the wireless network control is more inconvenient, and even can not be controlled.
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