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2022-05-26 20:44:10

LED display screens have slowly appeared in the streets and alleys of urban areas, and become various urban landmarks. However, the LED display screen also has a service life. If scientific and reasonable maintenance is not realized, its service time will be greatly shortened. So, what are the factors that determine the service life of LED advertising screen?

LED display screens

Characteristics of light source components

LED bulb components are not only important components of display screen, but also components related to service life. For LED lamp beads, the following index values are mainly included: loss characteristics, waterproof vapor infiltration characteristics and UV resistance characteristics. If the manufacturer fails to evaluate the index value characteristics of LED lamp beads, it will be applied to the display screen, which will lead to many safety accidents and seriously affect the service life of LED display screen. Therefore, we must choose excellent led beads.

Hazards of supporting parts

Many other supporting parts should be used for LED display screen, such as switching power supply circuit, circuit board, plastic shell, connector, shell, etc. the product quality problem of all parts may reduce the service life of the screen. Therefore, the service life of the display screen is determined by the service life of the core component with short life.

LED display screens

Production and processing technology

The production and processing technology of LED display products determines the fatigue relief characteristics. The fake and shoddy three prevention solves that the fatigue relief characteristics of the module produced by the manufacturing process cannot be ensured. When the temperature and humidity records change, cracks will appear on the safety protection surface of the circuit board, resulting in the reduction of the safety protection function.
Therefore, the production and processing technology of LED display screen is also the main factor in determining the service life of display screen. The production and processing processes involved in the manufacture of display screen include: electronic device storage and preparation processing technology, furnace welding method, three prevention process treatment, moisture-proof sealing processing technology, etc. For the vast majority of LED display manufacturers, the accumulation of work experience is very important. A processing plant with many years of work experience will control the production and processing technology more reasonably.

Hazards of office environment

Due to different main purposes, the operation standards of the display screen are different. From the perspective of natural environment, the temperature difference in the room is small, and there is no rain, snow and UV harm; The outdoor temperature varies greatly, up to 70 degrees. In addition, the wind blows gently, the sun is exposed to the rain. The bad environment will aggravate the aging of the display screen, and the office environment is the main factor endangering the service life of the display screen.

LED display screens
In addition, the daily maintenance of LED display screen is also particularly critical. Clean the accumulated dust on the mobile phone screen on time to prevent endangering the heat removal effect.
The service life of LED is usually the duration when the brightness unit is lost to 50% of the default value. According to the survey, the service life of LED displays in the market is generally 6-8 years. LED displays that can be used for more than 10 years are very good, especially outdoor LED displays, which will have a shorter service life. If we notice this key point, it will make our display screen produce very good practical results.

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