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2022-05-26 20:31:27

In various exhibitions, the special-shaped LED display screen is really very attractive, and there are many group photos. Today, let's talk about led special-shaped screen.
The special-shaped LED display screen is basically transformed into various shapes to show different practical effects in the traditional LED display screen. The appearance design is more novel and unique, which is different from the appearance design of the square and plan plates of the basic LED display screen. So that the characteristics of the new product can be quickly integrated into the overall structure and natural environment of the building, and its size and specifications can be customized according to the demand.

Cubic screen
Traditionally, led special-shaped screens can be divided into the following four categories:
(1) Circular arc display screen: the surface of the display screen is a part of the cylinder surface, and its expanded drawing is square.

Circular arc display screen
(2) Irregular display screen: the surface of the display screen is an irregular plan, such as ring, triangle or completely irregular plan.
Irregular display screen

(3) Curved display screen: the surface of the display screen is a three-dimensional curved surface, such as Tianmu and bending design.

Curved display screen
(4) Strip screen: the surface of the display screen is composed of several display strip molds, and this kind of display screen has large dot spacing, high transmittance and low saturation.

Strip screen
This article mainly introduces the irregular shaped special-shaped screen in detail. Compared with the traditional LED display screen, this kind of special-shaped screen pays more attention to the improvement of structure. Because the appearance of LED special-shaped screen is different and the structure is the same, the technical standards of manufacturers are becoming more and more stringent. If the manufacturer's technology is unqualified, the patched LED screen will have many problems of uneven appearance due to too large seam gap and discontinuity of patchwork surface, which will endanger the actual effect and destroy the artistic beauty of integrated design.
As a relatively novel presentation method, special-shaped screen has its unique presentation style. Many people will understand its advantages at the presentation level. In addition, the diversification of products has met the differentiated requirements of customers and won the recognition of many customers for the special-shaped screen. At this stage, China's LED special-shaped screen sales market focuses more on customers with special requirements. In the past two years, the application scope of special-shaped screen is gradually expanding, but its key use is in entertainment places, outdoor media, exhibition halls and city squares. Where is the app store with irregular shaped screen? It will be shown to us in the back.

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