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2022-05-31 18:02:59

Broadcast level color gamut, intelligently adjustable color temperature and brightness, uniform color, high contrast, beautiful and natural picture; The anti ultraviolet and anti deformation module kit ensures that the screen body is flat and not deformed.

Product details:

Large viewing angle imaging display technology meets the requirements of wide-range viewing without color bias. The small screen can be designed in the front and the large screen in the back

Maintenance is light, fast and convenient. The three in one table sticker provides a wider perspective and adapts to a closer viewing distance

Dust proof, moisture-proof and flame-retardant design, safe and reliable, long service life.

Application fields:

Auditorium, conference, banquet, front hall, exhibition and demonstration, transportation, studio, command and monitoring, shopping center, hospital, bank, enterprises and institutions, exhibition hall, stadium, ticket hall, hotel, customs, shopping mall, stage, auto show, airport, transportation, park, TV station.

Product parameters:

Parameter name: svh8

Pixel structure: 1r1g2b

Pixel spacing (mm):8

Pixel resolution (W x H):32x16

Module size (mm) (w*h*d):256x128x14.5

Module weight (kg):0.28

Unit area (㎡):0.03277

Pixel density (points / ㎡):15625

White balance brightness (NITS) (after correction): ≥ 6200cd/ ㎡

Color temperature: 3200-9300k adjustable