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2022-05-27 10:52:33

Smart business display large screen lj163
LJ163 integrates the world's leading led small spacing technology, intelligent Android system and conference system. Aiot intelligent ecological led business display large screen system is widely used in business display fields such as government and enterprise conferences, rail transit and retail chains.

This product is Dylan a series outdoor front maintenance waterproof product, which adopts 320x160mm waterproof module and 960x960mm standard box to realize the front maintenance of the module. This series of products are applicable to the application fields of outdoor brightness in various environments. They have the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, gorgeous and real picture, high protection ability, excellent weather resistance, long service life and so on.

Application scope of p8 outdoor full-color LED display for front maintenance:
This technical manual is only applicable to Dylan outdoor a series 320x160mm modules and supporting standard iron boxes.

Front maintenance P8 outdoor full-color LED display function features:
1320x160mm} module.
2. Die cast aluminum box, the size can be customized.
3. The back cover of the module is equipped with waterproof silicone rubber ring and adopts the design of water guide groove, which has good waterproof performance.
4. The protection grade is IP65, which can be used in outdoor environment.